Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)

Since I have recently developed quite a history of visiting cold and snowy places, often during the winter, I wish to preserve that tradition. I am competing for the opportunity to go to Antarctica in February 2010 — a dream adventure that I’ve always wanted to pursue (and almost did pursue when I was an undergraduate researching Fin Whales and Crabeater Seals at the University of Washington). To enter, all candidates must publish a picture of themselves and write an essay explaining why we think we are the best choice, and solicit votes from the public. Whomever receives the most votes wins the job. Of course, I think I am the best candidate to share this adventure with you, but I am not the only one who thinks this. Below the jump is a list of other people who are also supporting my bid to become the official blogger on this Antarctic expedition;

Snowball the dancing cockatoo voted for me, too (but lacking his own blog, he only sent me a tweet)

Henry Gee, I, Editor.

The Beagle Project.

PZ Myers, Pharyngula.

Bob O’Hara, deep thoughts and silliness.

John Lynch, a simple prop.

John Wilkins, Evolving Thoughts.


Greg Laden, Greg Laden’s Blog.

Razib, Gene Expression.


Digital Cuttlefish (and yet another wonderful poem of his).

Sheril Kirshenbaum, The Intersection.


TravelGrrl,realist at Large.


The Ridger, The Greenbelt.

RL Bates, MD, Suture for a Living.

Miss Cellania.

Kevin Zelnio and crew at Deep-Sea News.