Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)

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This fascinating video shows how South Pacific islanders from the Solomon Islands archipelago use webs spun by a particular species of spider to catch a particular species of fish. If you have adequate wifi support, you should watch this full-screen in high definition.


  1. #1 Tabor
    August 27, 2009

    When I lived in Palau I remember learning about the kite fishing that the islanders did, but I did not remember them using a web. Fascinating.

  2. #2 Paulino
    August 27, 2009

    Supercool!! Needlefish are great in ceviche…

  3. #3 budak
    August 27, 2009

    The spider and web shown appears to be a Cyrtophora sp. Earlier literature on traditional fishing in Pacific islands using spider webs usually point to the webs of Nephila spiders.

  4. #4 Nicholas H. Gorski
    September 11, 2009

    I found this video amazing,ive never seen such an interresting way to fish.

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