Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)

Another competitor in the competition has endorsed me to be your official Antarctica blogger: Rooth MacMillan, from Canada! She writes;

I wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who made it through the onerous voting process and were successful in casting a vote for me – I know it’s been a trial for many of you and I appreciate your perseverance.

I have however, decided to bow out at this point and ask that if you have a second, login and switch your vote over to Devorah Bennu here:

She sounds like an interesting person who would write an insightful, grown-up blog of the expedition.

Not to worry though, I still plan on journeying to Antarctica in November 2010 likely with Quark and possibly still with Heather. I’ll be taking tons of photos – you’ll just have to wait another 7 months longer for the blog 😉

Until then, keep yer eye on my Facebook page for updates.

Since Rooth cannot donate her votes to me outright (you really MUST change this, Quark!), she has to ask her voters to change their votes. So if you’ve cast a vote in the Antarctica contest, then be sure to check back to see how your candidate is doing, and to see if that person has endorsed someone else, and then re-cast your own vote accordingly.

Wow, Rooth, thank you ever so much. I really appreciate this and I hope to pave the way with words, photographs, video and audio, for your own November journey to Antarctica.