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Update: Antarctic Vote Count

Image: Sneer Review.

The current Antarctic Trip Vote count is as follows; 6351 – 2390 – 1947 – 1915 – 1251 out of 603 candidates registered. With only 2 weeks remaining, things are heating up and voting is changing rapidly as previous voters reassign their votes and new voters cast theirs for the first time. [Yes, you can change who you voted for, even if you voted weeks or months ago! All you have to do is log in using the account you created to cast your original vote, a process that takes only seconds] Already, two of my fellow competitors are appealing to their supporters to change their vote to support me. Many tens of thousands of votes have already been cast in this competition, so if the people who have cast their votes already decide to change them, they can significantly affect the outcome of this competition. The top four vote-getters are receiving most of these votes, so I need your votes more than ever — and you are encouraged to change your votes if you’ve already voted — so I can recapture first place, so please ask your friends and relatives to vote for me now!


  1. #1 Sigmund
    September 15, 2009

    That second place blogger has come out of nowhere to pick up thousands of votes in the last few weeks – so it can be done if you get the right determined exposure. You are still the only scientist in with a chance of winning (up against a mad Portuguese guy in a penguin suit, a valley girl on a world tour and an Osmond). Shame on the scienceblogging community if they can’t take 1 minute of their time to register and vote for you.

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