Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)

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Blasphemy Day International is a campaign seeking to establish September 30th as a day to promote free speech and stand up in a show of solidarity for the freedom to challenge, criticize, and satirize religion without fear of violence or reprisal: murder, litigation and other forms of intimidation. It is the obligation of the world’s nations to safeguard dissent and the dissenters, not to side with the brutal interests of those who demand “respect” for their beliefs (i.e., immunity to being criticized or mocked that is protected with the threat of violence).


  1. #1 cromercrox
    September 30, 2009

    Bottom. Poo. Willy.


    I’ve said it.

    Can I go now?

  2. #2 Bob O'H
    September 30, 2009

    Birds are just boring, and all parrots should be fed to the nearest cat. The only mystery birds are the ones that don’t taste like chicken.

  3. #3 MadScientist
    September 30, 2009

    Ok, I’d just like to make one thing very clear. No one is to throw any stones until I say so, even if someone *does* say ‘Jehovah’!

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