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Hug a Nerd on Valentine’s Day

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I did what this guy suggests and went one further: I married a nerd (but not on VD).

It’s kinda hard being a nerd on Valentine’s Day.
Cause Statistically ladies don’t feel the same way.
So i say to all the girls,
From the nerds across the world.
Hug a nerd on Valentines Day.

Oh it only takes me one minute so solve a rubix cube.
But when it comes to the ladies I’m a really big noob.
So i say to all the girls,
from the nerds across the world.
Hug a nerd on Valentine’s Day.

Spoken: YOU KNOW WHAT!?!
Let’s get em Boys!

Hey ladies I’m on the scene my name is Melvin.
Got a sexy bow-tie, and a butt chin.
Let’s begin, take a spin.
I’m so hot they measure me in Kelvin.

On Valentine’s Day find yourself a Nerdy guy;
but you’ll have to kiss us cause we’re kinda shy.
I will blush. Then I’ll rush.
Over to my colleagues so that i can gush.
*spoken* Did you guys see that?

Not all of us nerds are stereotypical.
Those kinda views make us seem really dull.
Do i obsessed over Star Trek…no!
Do i play World of War Craft…no!
Ok so maybe on the weekends;
But its not mine im holding it for a friend.
*spoken* No really its not mine.

All of them Ladies be shakin their asses.
Cause they like guys with tape on their glasses.
I can’t miss,
Be dismissed.
It Valentine’s Day HO, gimmie a big kiss.
*Spoken* HO??

Oh now i know not to call a girl a Ho.
Treat the ladies with respect,
or you might get decked.
So i say to all the girls,
From the nerds of the world.
Hug a nerd on Valentine’s Day.


  1. #1 Mr. GrrlScientist
    February 14, 2010

    but not on VD

    and not with VD either, ho.

  2. #2 kereng
    February 14, 2010

    So – you think – I should have left the room today?

  3. #3 Grant
    February 14, 2010

    Thanks for posting the lyrics (great if you can’t always follow the words). What a laugh. I left a geeky valentine on my blog, for anyone who needed it, but this is a few steps up on that! 🙂

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