Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)

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Nam et ipsa scientia potestas est (And thus knowledge itself is power)
— Sir Francis Bacon.

Scientia Pro Publica (Science for the People) blog carnival was just published! The 22nd edition of Scientia Pro Publica is hosted by Stephen at Reciprocal Space. Stephen writes about this edition;

Like a barnacle’s penis, this edition of Scientia Pro Publica is long and strange and packed with seeds–for thought. There was a veritable plethora of submissions, ranging from flit-stops that sought only to highlight single point of interest to deeply rewarding essays on the nature of knowledge and the conduct of science. To help you navigate this landscape of riches, I have arranged the posts into sections that arose fairly naturally from the content. Please peruse all the way down to the very bottom; there is, I hope, something for everyone. My own personal favourites I have marked with a pair of asterisks**.

As always, let’s make sure that each one of us leaves at least one comment on at least one essay that was included in this carnival. The authors write for us for the love of it, and they love your feedback, too. Since these authors are learning how to better communicate about science, medicine, environment and technology with the public — that’s you and me — they need our help to improve their skills, and they also our encouragement to continue writing for us.

Scientia Pro Publica (Science for the People) is a traveling blog carnival that celebrates the best science, nature and medical writing targeted specifically to the public that has been published in the blogosphere within the past 60 days.

Your host for the upcoming 15 March edition is Bjørn, author of Pleiotropy. To send your submissions to Scientia Pro Publica, either email your submission directly to Scientia Blog Carnival at gmail, use this automated submission form or use the cute little widget on the right (sometimes that widget doesn’t upload when the mother site is nonfunctional). Be sure to include the URL or “permalink”, the essay title and, to make life easier for the host, please include a 2-3 sentence summary. If you wish to read the archived issues to see those contributions that were included previously, visit the Scientia website for links to archived carnivals. Please note that all essays must be written for the purpose of communicating with the public and non-specialists, and all submissions that qualify as either advertising or pseudoscience will be rejected.

Since this is a traveling blog carnival, it needs host sites to travel to. If you are interested in hosting this carnival on your blog, please contact me as soon as possible or email Scientia directly. Scientia Pro Publica is published on the first and third Monday of each month, so feel free to choose a particular date, or I’ll assign you the first available date. We are in need of hosts for upcoming issues, starting on 19 July (working schedule for Scientia hosts). You can view the complete archives at the Scientia blog.

Please note that if we continue to receive as many submissions per edition as we’ve been getting recently (50+), we will follow a weekly publishing format until the summer months arrive, when Scientia will likely resume a twice-monthly schedule until autumn. Of course, if we do make this change, this means we will need yet more hosts, so stay alert to this potential change.


  1. #1 Stephen Curry
    March 4, 2010

    Oh dear – because of the move to MT4 on Nature Network, the link in your post is currently broken. I think they’re working on a forwarding fix but the carnival is now accessible from:

    Trouble is, I don’t know how many other people have posted links to the carnival that are now also mal-functioning… 🙁

  2. #2 "GrrlScientist"
    March 4, 2010

    thanks for the updated URL. i think i’ve updated it everywhere (scientia blog, here, and at the automated blog carnival submission form .. if anyone sees an error somewhere, please let me know ASAP so i can fix it)

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