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Pranking Virgina DMV

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The Department of Motor Vehicles has sure changed since when I lived the US. For example, I once had a cast on my foot and was told to wait to renew my driver’s license until after the cast had been removed. When I see what these two guys managed to do, I admit I feel somewhat put out because after all, DMV wasn’t photographing my foot!

Part 2:

A news report about this prank:


  1. #1 Tony P
    March 11, 2010

    You can’t pull that in RI. We have the retarded system where you get a provisional on paper license and your actual license is mailed to you.

  2. #2 mtgg
    March 13, 2010

    We’d never be able to do this in the UK, our ID photos are strictly regulated. I’ve had an application sent back because the photo I provided was slightly not zoomed in enough.

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