Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)

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This astonishingly disturbing video is by Smooth media and is about cult of Scientology.


  1. #1 James Davis
    April 18, 2010

    Ah yes, I remember this video.

    Compared to the other, it’s very sobering.

  2. #2 parclair
    April 18, 2010

    Back in 1966, while in high school, some friends got invited to a scientology “introduction”. I was known for my inbuilt bullshit detector so I was asked to go along. Needless to say, none of my friends joined (rah!)

    A few years later, while in college, I had numerous encounters with the loonies. (They had a big facility, now defunct, in town). They’d sent out good-looking men (for women) and women (for men). They’d approach the target, selecting people who were sitting by themselves, and start talking about “stressors” and whatever. I like to sit by myself to contemplate, so I was approached about once or twice a month. It became a game for me “How quickly can I get them upset”. It turned out to be ‘very fast’

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