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Women, Science and Writing

tags: researchblogging.org, Female Scientists, science publishing, science blogging, gender bias, sexism, feminism A microbiologist at work. Image: East Bay AWIS. In the wake of the Science Blogging Conference in North Carolina, which I was unable to attend due to financial reasons, The Scientist‘s blog published a piece today that asks “Do Women Blog About Science?”…

SheBlog Carnival Now Available

tags: I and the Bird, blog carnivals The latest edition of the SheBlog carnival is now available. It is interesting to note that this blog carnival will be the featured blog carnival next week on the blog carnival site (does this make sense?).

She Blog Carnival Now Available

tags: she blog carnival, blog carnivals The 7th edition of the She Blog Carnival is now available for you to read. This carnival has some really interesting and important essays, especially the one about the rate of poverty in elderly women.

tags: researchblogging.org, women in science, feminism, gender disparity, academia, career Image: East Bay AWIS. An article was published in today’s issue of Science that explores the reasons that female scientists are not achieving that elusive Principle Investigator (PI) status that is generally thought to be the epitome of success in academe. In short, this article…

She Blog Carnival Now Available

tags: She Blog, blog carnival The second issue of the She Blog blog carnival is now available for you to read and enjoy. The author of this blog carnival says it has received such a tremendous response that she is planning to change it from a once-per-month blog carnival to weekly, to encourage people to…

tags: Carnival of the Feminists, blog carnival The 46th edition of the Carnival of the Feminists is now available for you to read and learn from. In addition to all the other essays they linked to, I am pleased to say that the editor also included an essay that I wrote. So get on over…

tags: humor, cartoon, abortion, anti-choice, women, religion, blogging Image: Jesus and Mo.

The Mismeasurement of Science

tags: researchblogging.org, H-index, impact numbers, scientific journals A friend, Ian, emailed an opinion paper that lamented the state of scientific research and the effect this has had on science itself. In this paper, by Peter A. Lawrence, a Professor of Zoology at University of Cambridge, the main point is that modern science, particularly biomedicine, is…

All Women Blogging Carnival Available

tags: blog carnivals, women bloggers, feminism The All Women Blogging Carnival is now available for you to enjoy. This is a new blog carnival for me, and it’s a big one too, so this is a great opportunity to discover some interesting blogs that are new to you.

XX Scientists: Is There a Such Thing?

tags: gender issues, gender disparity, blogosphere, science blogs, life science blogs PZ asked his students these questions on an exam that he was recently writing; 14. Hey! Have you noticed the lack of women scientists so far? Briefly speculate about why they’re missing. 15 (2 pts extra credit). Name a female scientist of any era.…