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In Search of My Rhetorical Penis

tags: gender issues, gender disparity, blogosphere, science blogs, life science blogs Image: Anemi I have been thinking more about TheScientist‘s recent online article, “Vote for your favorite life science blogs“, where they asked this same question of seven of the “top” life science bloggers — all of whom just so happened to be men. It…

The Scientist has just published an online version of an upcoming print story on their site. This story asks the question, What are your three favorite life science blogs? I noticed that they asked seven men this question (not one woman, hello??!) and predictably, nearly all of the top blogs that they listed were written…

. Can someone explain to me why is the so-called “liberal” mainstream media even listening to Tom Delay? Especially because Delay is no paragon of morality since he was caught with his fat hand in the lobbyist scandal cookie jar recently. Besides all of Delay’s shenanigans, isn’t Pelosi (pictured) more liberal that Hillary Clinton? If…

Women and Careers in Science

Okay, are you ready to feel like you really do deserve that drinking bout you’ve been contemplating recently? Well, let me help you make that decision with this little article. If I wasn’t cranking away at Birds in the News right now, I’d be joining you at the local watering hole five minutes ago.

The Girls Who Went Away

Anna Quindlen, an extraordinary writer whom I met through her book, One True Thing, has a sad and eloquent editorial in Newsweek speculating on the likely social implications due to the loss of Sandra Day O’Connor from the Supreme Court. Quindlen writes;