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Atheists at Prayer

tags: Brother Sam Singleton Atheist Evangelist, Atheists at Prayer, prayer, atheism, agnosticism, humor, funny, comedy, fucking hilarious, satire, streaming video This video features the colorful language and thoughts of my new boyfriend, Sam Singleton Atheist Evangelist as he discusses prayer-time etiquette for atheists.

tags: Stephen Hawking on Religion: Science Will Win, Diane Sawyer, Stephen Hawking, interview, science, religion, streaming video World News Anchor, Diane Sawyer, asks physicist Stephen Hawking about the biggest mystery he’d like solved. He said, “I want to know why the universe exists, why there is something rather than nothing”.

tags: Best Church of God Vs. An Atheist, religion, cults, faith, funny, humor, comedy, social commentary, Greg Epstein, books, streaming video A silly video about a bunch of wackaloon religious wingnuts and an atheist humanist discussing religion and how god forces people to live moral and decent lives. (The video is silly, but the protest…

Atheism: In Your Own Words

tags: Atheism: In Your Own Words, The Thinking Atheist, atheism, humanism, rationalism, religion, cults, self delusion, fantasy life, wishful thinking, streaming video Realizing that you are an atheist is a profound, personal experience. This video records the stories (in their own words) of some people who came to the realization that they are atheists.

tags: Richard Feynman Talks About Doubt, Uncertainty and Religion, science, imagination, religion, god, doubt, uncertainty, beliefs, Richard Feynman, streaming video Physicist Richard Feynman talks about the improbability of the existence of a god, and his thoughts about the mythologies that form the basis of religion.

tags: religion, cults, humor, funny, silly, hypocrisy, Edward Current, streaming video “I just found out that my favorite YouTuber for Christ is actually a godless atheist God-mocker. Blocked!”

tags: bible, religion, comedy, humor, fucking hilarious, Ricky Gervais, streaming video This funny video is from atheist comedian Ricky Gervais’s live stand-up show, Fame. In this clip, he discusses the Bible and religion.

Religion Has Had Its Day

tags: Religion Has Had Its Day, religion, comedy, humor, fucking hilarious, Argumental, Marcus Brigstocke, Rory McGrath, streaming video This amusing video is from the television show, Argumental. In this third season episode, Marcus Brigstocke argues FOR while Rory McGrath argues AGAINST the topic, “Religion Has Had Its Day.”

Atheist Holiday Traditions

tags: Holidays, christmas, Atheist Holiday Traditions, big fat whale, cartoon, comedy, humor, satire, fucking hilarious Image: Big Fat Whale [larger view].

tags: Atheists Can’t Think For Themselves!, humor, funny, satire, religion, christianity, islam, Edward Current, streaming video This astonishing video sets out to prove that being a Christian requires constant thinking, while being an atheist sheep does not. This explains why atheists are the dumbest people God ever created!