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tags: art, Veistos, sculpture, travel, Helsinki, Finland, image of the day, photography, Veistos. I put my camera inside this outdoor sculpture and pointed it at the sky to get this image. Photographed in the Kamppi neighborhood of Helsinki, Finland. Image: GrrlScientist, 18 May 2010 [larger view]

tags: Barnacle Goose, Valkoposkihanhi, Branta leucopsis, birds, mystery bird, bird ID quiz [Mystery bird] Barnacle Goose, known in Finnish as Valkoposkihanhi, Branta leucopsis, photographed on Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland. [I will identify this bird for you in 48 hours] Image: GrrlScientist, 16 May 2010 [larger view] Canon SX100 IS. Please name at least one field mark…


tags: botany, Majavankaalit, skunk cabbage, Symplocarpus foetidus, Helsinki, Finland, travel, photography, image of the day Symplocarpus foetidus (Family: Araceae) (Majavankaalit or Skunk Cabbage) Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland. Image: GrrlScientist, 15 May 2010 [larger view].

Merellinen Näkymä

tags: Merellinen näkymä, Helsinki, Finland, travel, photography, image of the day Merellinen näkymä (nautical scene) Helsinki, Finland. Image: GrrlScientist, 15 May 2010 [larger view].

tags: The Free Hugs Campaign in Finland, Helsinki, free hugs, silly, humor, funny, offbeat, weird, life, Finland, Helsinki, streaming video The Finnish winter is long, dark and difficult for many people. So a group of Helsinki residents started a free hugs campaign to cheer people up. A group calling themselves, “FreeHugs Finland” had been promoting…

Helsinki Complaints Choir

tags: Helsinki Complaints Choir, complaints, silly, humor, funny, offbeat, weird, life, life isn’t fair, choir, streaming video This amusing video is a bit of a departure from my usual Sunday morning god-mocking, but since I am in Helsinki right now, I thought you’d appreciate this. Finnish artists Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen collected the pet…

tags: education, PhD defense, cultural observation, travelFinland, Helsinki Image: GrrlScientist, 3 July 2009 [larger view].

tags: Helsingin tuomiokirkko, Suurkirkko, Helsinki Cathedral, Helsinki, Finland, travel, cities, architecture, photography Helsingin tuomiokirkko or Suurkirkko (Helsinki Cathedral), Helsinki, Finland. This is an Evangelical Lutheran cathedral located in the center of Helsinki, Finland. Image: GrrlScientist, 23 July 2009 [larger view]

Viimeinen Mammutti

tags: Hevisaurus, Viimeinen Mammutti, Finnish Dinosaur Rock, Tavastia Klubi, Helsinki Finland, music video, humor, funny, silly, streaming video Finnish Dinosaur Rock aimed specifically at the under 5 crowd — now why don’t they do fun stuff like this in Germany??

Suomenlinnan Suvi

tags: Suomenlinnan Suvi, Helsinki, Finland, nature, image of the day Suomenlinnan Suvi (Suomenlinna summer). Soumenlinna, Helsinki, Finland. Image: GrrlScientist, 19 July 2009 [larger view].