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tags: Paul the Prognosticating Octopus Oracle Sez, soccer, football, World Cup 2010, fun, offbeat, weird, news Paul the Prognosticating Octopus Oracle has disappointed his German fans by choosing Spain over Germany in tomorrow’s World Cup Football match. Paul is a two-year-old English-born octopus of unknown species who has lived in the aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany…

tags: Monty Python meets Darth Vader, humor, funny, silly, weird, Star Wars, Monty Python, satire, fucking hilarious, streaming video Is this the ultimate in silliness and hilarity? The combination of Monty Python AND Star Wars?

tags: Muppets’ Swedish Chef makes Pöpcørn Shrimp!, humor, funny, silly, weird, Swedish Chef, cooking, food, The Muppets, streaming video Do you like pöpcørn shrimp? Watch the Swedish Chef as he prepares this explosively good meal!

The Invention of Religion

tags: The Invention of Religion, humor, comedy, satire, funny, silly, fucking hilarious, interview, religion, Ricky Gervais, streaming video This amusing video features Ricky Gervais explaining how everything you need to know about religion can be found on a Pizza Hut pizza box.

Fast Lane — Shopping Carts

tags: Fast Lane — Shopping Carts, SuperMarkt Shopping Carts, Einkaufszentrum, Berlin, fun, silly, your inner child, entertainment, volkswagen commercial, television, streaming video Just a quick shopping trip? Here’s a great invention: Some shopping carts — “trolleys” for you Brits — are pimped with a skateboard in a shopping center in Berlin, Germany. Up for some…

AT-AT Day Afternoon

tags: AT-AT Day Afternoon, movies, Star Wars, humor, funny, satire, cute, silly, pets, streaming video This NYC-dog-walker-on-hiatus-and-star-wars-fan loves this video! If this video doesn’t make you pee your pants by the end, well, you’ve clearly not had enough to drink!

Inside A Birdhouse

tags: Inside A Birdhouse, television, advertising, humor, funny, satire, cute, silly, canary, streaming video This cute video shows that there’s a lot more inside a birdhouse than is evident from the outside. It’s a commercial for squash juice. Squash juice? Yes. Apparently some people drink squash juice.

Zombies Like Turtles

tags: Zombies Like Turtles, ScienceBlogs’ Zombie Day, humor, funny, silly, streaming video Today is Zombie Day at ScienceBlogs .. and oooo, do you see the zombified me, pictured over there on the right? Moochas smoochas to my pal, Joseph, for my portrait! … Ahem. This is an unofficial day at ScienceBlogs intended to celebrate silliness…

Ravel on the Vuvuzela

tags: Konzerthaus-Musiker spielen Brahms und Ravel, Vuvuzela-Konzert, Berlin Konzerthaus Orchestra, Berlin, Germany, Helge von Niswandt, vuvuzela, vuvuzela concert, humor, satire, funny, silly, fucking hilarious, your inner child, music video, streaming video Those of you who think Germans can’t laugh have not lived in Germany. Die Zeit (The Time), a left-leaning German weekly newspaper that is…

The Stork Is Real!

tags: The Stork Is Real!, religion, sex, sexuality, funny, humor, comedy, satire, fucking hilarious, social commentary, Edward Current, streaming video Do you really believe that precious life comes from disgusting body fluids? The Truth is, babies are brought into the world by a pure white angel, the Stork.