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tags: Tvärminne, zoological field research station, Finland, nature Hornet Moth, Sesia apiformis: Hymenopteran biomimic. Tvärminnen eläintieteellinen asema (Tvärminne Zoological field research station) in southwestern Finland. [read more about it: English :: Suomeksi :: På Svenska] Image: Bob O’Hara, 15 July 2009 [larger view]. (raw image) This insect is sitting on my camera (to give you…

tags: dragonfly vision, facets, opsin, compound eyes, insects, dragonflies, Dennis Paulson, David O’Carroll, Robert Olberg Male Megaloprepus caerulatus, PANAMA, Rio Chico Masambi, near Gamboa, 11 August 2005; photo by Julie Craves, a Natural Science Research Associate at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Color vision in humans depends upon three light-sensitive proteins, called opsins, that are present…

The Lord of the Ants

tags: The Ant Whisperer, ants, hymenoptera, pheromones, EO Wilson, behavioral ecology, sociobiology, evolution, streaming video Because I do not own a television, I was thrilled to find that Lord of the Ants, the Nova program that aired on PBS tonight, is freely available as a streaming video. This program describes some of EO Wilson’s amazing…

The Ant Whisperer

tags: The Ant Whisperer, ants, hymenoptera, pheromones, EO Wilson, behavioral ecology, sociobiology, evolution, streaming video If I owned a television, you can bet I’d be watching this Nova program on PBS tonight: The Lord of the Ants. This program describes some of EO Wilson’s amazing discoveries about ant communication, behavioral ecology and evolution [3:40]

tags: Bumblebees, Bombus species, Hymenoptera, insects, entomology, natural history Common Eastern Bumblebee, Bombus impatiens. This species is often relied upon to pollinate commercial food crops, such as tomatoes, that are often grown in agricultural greenhouses. Image: Wikipedia [larger view]. The Bumblebees, Bombus species, are among the most popular of all insects. Their black-and-yellow fuzz, large…

Birth of a Moth

tags: Saturnia albofasciata, emerging moth, insect metamorphosis, nature, streaming video A male Saturnia albofasciata moth emerges from its cocoon in this time lapse video. The cocoon was partially cut away to observe development and movement and doesn’t seem to bother the moth. After the moth emerges, he expands his wings by pumping his body fluid…

Excavating the Kingdom of the Ants

tags: ants, hymenoptera, excavating ant city, nature, science, streaming video This fascinating video details how a scientist learns what an ant colony looks like in the wild — it’s astonishing how big these things can get [3:16]

tags: Palos Verdes Blue Butterfly, Glaucopsyche lygdamus palosverdesensis, Joel Sartore, National Geographic, image of the day Palos Verdes Blue Butterfly (Glaucopsyche lygdamus palosverdesensis) 4,300 (Estimated 300 wild and 4,000 captive). Image: Joel Sartore/National Geographic. [larger view].

Trilobite beetle of Laos

tags: netwing beetle, Trilobite beetle, Lycidae, beetles, insects, streaming video Just in time for Hallowe’en: This video shows a juvenile netwing beetle, sometimes known as the Trilobite beetle due to the plates on its back (scutes). Firefly larvae also have scutes. This individual was collected in the Puhipi mountains of Laos [2:02]

Gulf Fritillary

tags: Gulf fritillary, Agraulis vanillae, butterfly, photography, Image of the Day Gulf fritillary, Agraulis vanillae, photographed at Smith Point Hawkwatch, Texas. Image: Joseph Kennedy, 7 October 2006 [larger view].