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The Return of the Pink Dolphin

tags: pinky, pink bottlenose dolphin, albino bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops truncatus, Lake Calcasieu, Eric Rue Image: Eric Rue, Calcasieu Charter Service. A rare pink Bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops truncatus, has resurfaced two years after it had first been seen in Lake Calcasieu, an inland saltwater estuary, north of the Gulf of Mexico in southwestern Louisiana.

Drunk as a .. Monkey?

tags: vervet monkeys, animal behavior, alcohol, streaming video This streaming video explores alcohol use (and abuse) among a group of feral vervet monkeys on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts. Interestingly, the patterns of alcohol use and abuse closely mirror those found in humans. The sound on this video is very quiet, so you will…

In the Spotlight

tags: NYC, New York City, Bob Levy, image of the day In the Spotlight Central Park Grey Squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis. Image: Bob Levy, author of Club George [larger view].

Luna, Remembered

tags: Luna the orca, Orcinus orca, orca, killer whale, wildlife, streaming video This video is from my other home. This is footage of Luna, an orca (“killer whale”) Orcinus orca, who was a southern resident (fish eating) whale who tragically died 10 March 2006 when she was hit by a large tugboat in British Columbia’s…

tags: St. Andrew Beach Mouse, Peromyscus polionotus peninsularis, Joel Sartore, National Geographic, image of the day St. Andrew Beach Mouse (Peromyscus polionotus peninsularis) 6,000 (Estimates range from 3,500 to 6,000). Image: Joel Sartore/National Geographic [larger view].

tags: Mexican Gray Wolf, Canis lupus baileyi, Joel Sartore, National Geographic, image of the day Mexican Gray Wolf (Canis lupus baileyi) 320 (60 wild, 260 captive). Image: Joel Sartore/National Geographic [larger view].

tags: Alabama Beach Mouse, Peromyscus polionotus ammobates, Joel Sartore, National Geographic, image of the day Alabama Beach Mouse (Peromyscus polionotus ammobates) Image: Joel Sartore/National Geographic [larger view].

A Very Famous Little Zebroid

tags: zebroid, zorse, hebra, zebra-horse hybrid, streaming video Here’s some video of an individual zebroid (zebra-horse hybrid) that I wrote about in July 2007 [0:48]

Nellie Gets The News

tags: politics, Nellie gets the news, image of the day Nellie Gets The News. Image: Bob Levy, author of Club George, 2008 [larger view]. The photographer writes: Central Park Raccoons do not have the luxury of cable news or NPR. It was my honor to be the one to break the news to Nellie.

Hebridean Black-faced Sheep

tags: Hebridean Black-faced Sheep, Scotland, Image of the Day Hebridean Black-faced Sheep near Arnol (Isle of Lewis, Scotland) Image: Dave Rintoul, Summer 2008 [larger view].