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tags: dog eating, funny, offbeat, silly, humor, pets, pranks, fucking hilarious, streaming video This video shows what happens when a guy and his dog have too much time (and a video camera) on their hands.

George Carlin Talks About Cats

tags: cats, pets, social commentary, cultural observation, George Carlin, humor, comedy, fucking hilarious, streaming video I am getting reacquainted with life with a cat (despite my allergies). So of course, I had to find out what George Carlin thinks about about living with domestic housecats.

Kitten Mittens

tags: Kitten Mittens, funny, weird, silly, cats, pets, streaming video Does your cat make too much noise? Try Kitten Mittens!

How to Wrap a Cat for Christmas

tags: How to Wrap a Cat for Christmas, holidays, christmas, funny, weird, silly, cats, pets, streaming video This silly and amusing video is a little late for christmas, but it’s still the holiday season, more or less (especially considering the mountains of snow that people in much of the Northern Hemisphere are dealing with right…

Gift Wrapping With Parrot Companions

tags: Holidays, companion pets, parrots, humor, funny, gift wrapping Orpheus. Male Hawk-headed (red fan) parrot, Deroptyus a. accipitrinus, April 2008. Image: GrrlScientist 2008 [larger view]. I thought you might find this little essay amusing about wrapping gifts when there is a parrot in the house.

tags: Snowball, dancing cockatoo, behavior, streaming video This streaming video is a clip from a longer DVD, Snowball’s Snowy Christmas DVD, which is now available for Christmas gift giving. Children love Snowball and this DVD features the sulfur-crested cockatoo, Snowball, dancing to Christmas carols.

tags: safety tips, holidays, christmas, hanukkah, kwanzaa, new year’s day, pets, birds, parrots Elektra. My pet Female Solomon Islands Eclectus parrot, Eclectus roratus solomonensis, April 2008. Image: GrrlScientist 2008 [larger view]. This message was emailed to me, and I am posting it here as a public service. With the Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and the New…

El Baile del Perrito

tags: El Baile del Perrito, Un Perro Bailando Merengue, stupid pet tricks, animal training, humor, funny, streaming video This video documents a Merengue-dancing dog. Despite its cheesiness, it’s really an interesting study in excellent animal training as well as a demonstration of how well an animal observes human body movements and body language.

tags: atoms, teaching, pets, dogs, chemistry, streaming video A crack team of PhD-trained golden retrievers illustrate the structure of atoms — the particles that make up everything around you. They also show how atoms are weirder than you might think.

TODAY! Wild Parrot Safari in NYC!

tags: birds, parrots, Quaker Parrot, Monk ParakeetGrey-Breasted parakeet, Myiopsitta monachus, NYC events, NYC Life, Brooklyn, Wild Parrot Safari Monk Parakeet (Myiopsitta monachus) Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Image: Magnus Manske, 10 May 2008, Wikipedia [larger view] Even though NYC is located in the armpit of hell where, during the summers, the air is a humid…