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tags: Stephen Hawking on Religion: Science Will Win, Diane Sawyer, Stephen Hawking, interview, science, religion, streaming video World News Anchor, Diane Sawyer, asks physicist Stephen Hawking about the biggest mystery he’d like solved. He said, “I want to know why the universe exists, why there is something rather than nothing”.

tags: Federal Officials Suspend First Amendment Rights for Coverage of Gulf of Mexico Disaster, First Amendment Rights, Gulf of Mexico, BP, oil spill, oil spill clean-up efforts, relief efforts, disaster relief, US Coast Guard, Admiral Thad Allen, mainstream media, streaming video What. The. FUCK. As BP makes its latest attempt to plug its gushing oil…

tags: Fußball, sports, soccer, futbol, World Cup Soccer, South Africa, FIFA, humor, funny, television, The Daily Show, streaming video This video explores the local South African opinions about the World Cup — in one scene, the reporter asks: “What’s more African than the subjugation of black people?”

tags: Education Innovation in the Slums, education, technology, poverty, slums, curriculum, philosophy, learning as a productive activity, Charles Leadbeater, TEDTalks, TED Talks, streaming video Charles Leadbeater went looking for radical new forms of education — and found them in the slums of Rio and Kibera, where some of the world’s poorest kids are finding transformative…


tags: Religion, weird beliefs, suicide bombings, wars, funny, humor, comedy, social commentary, mind control, streaming video The first time this video was uploaded to youtube, it was removed for being “inappropriate.” Fortunately, a bunch of people also uploaded it to their youtube accounts and mirrored it. Well, the original filmographer uploaded it again, so youtube…

Religion is the Problem

tags: Religion is the Problem, religion, cults, faith, funny, humor, comedy, social commentary, Bill Maher, television, streaming video Bill Maher points out some of the more idiotic beliefs that various religions claim are truths .. beliefs that have been shown to be false.

BP’s ‘Pelican Solution’

tags: birds, BP, oilspill Image: Mike Keefe, Denver Post, 13 June 2010.

Black Market Soccer

tags: Black Market Soccer, sports, soccer, futbol, World Cup Soccer, human trafficking, slavery, documentary, investigative reporting, television, streaming video Sadly, slavery is not dead after all. This video shows a scene from the documentary “Soccer’s Lost Boys.” In this video, correspondent Mariana van Zeller goes undercover to explore the last, desperate hope of young West…

Drop into the Ocean

tags: Drop into the Ocean, Greenpeace, documentary, whaling, overfishing, fish farming, mining, oil drilling, climate change, underwater marine parks, endangered species, conservation, marine biology, streaming video Take a deep breath and imagine the oceans…. This disturbing video is a short Greenpeace documentary outlining the threats that humans pose to our oceans and a proposal for…

Atheism: In Your Own Words

tags: Atheism: In Your Own Words, The Thinking Atheist, atheism, humanism, rationalism, religion, cults, self delusion, fantasy life, wishful thinking, streaming video Realizing that you are an atheist is a profound, personal experience. This video records the stories (in their own words) of some people who came to the realization that they are atheists.