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tags: Mexican Bishops Ask for Forgiveness, catholicism, religion, sex abuse, child rape, pedophilia, social commentary, cultural observation, Al Jazeera, streaming video As the Vatican tries to defuse growing anger over child abuse by priests in the Roman Catholic Church, bishops in Mexico have released a statement asking victims for forgiveness.

I’m A Teabagger For Jesus

tags: I’m A Teabagger For Jesus, teabaggers, America, poverty, racism, sexism, homophobia, socialism,humor, funny, satire, fucking hilarious, social commentary, cultural observation, Edward Current, streaming video What would Jesus do to help America? In this video, William Current, one of my favorite social satirists, explains how he decided that he would be a Teabagger. No taxation…

tags: Bible Contradictions Quiz Show, religion, christianity, Bible, humor, funny, satire, comedy, fucking hilarious,animation, cults, streaming video This amusing video shows a quiz show where the two contestants are asked questions about the bible — unfortunately, the holy word of god is filled with contradictions (more contradictions than the Harry Potter series, for that matter!)

tags: Zeitgeist: The Greatest Story Ever Sold, documentary, television, religion, cults, mind control, offbeat, beliefs, history, mythology, streaming video These multi-part videos are from a television exploration into the story of religion: the greatest story ever sold to the public by the power elites, who shamelessly use religion as a way to control the masses…

tags: The Un-Funny TRUTH about Scientology, scientology, religion, cults, beliefs, L Ron Hubbard, television, Smoothmedia, streaming video This astonishingly disturbing video is by Smooth media and is about cult of Scientology.

What Is Scientology?

tags: What Is Scientology?, scientology, religion, cults, mind control, Thetan, silly, offbeat, beliefs, Xenu, L Ron Hubbard, television, Boston Legal, streaming video James Spader explains Scientology in an episode of of the television program, Boston Legal.

The Real Face of Jesus?

tags: Shroud of Turin, christianity,catholics, religion, cults, History Channel, streaming video This video is a clip from the History Channel, where they report on the face that is imprinted onto the Shroud of Turin (rumored to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ). Ho-hum.

Vatican Easter Speech

tags: Vatican Easter Speech 2009, Pope Ratzinger, catholicism, religion, cults, satire, parody, funny, humor, fucking hilarious, streaming video Just in time for Easter Sunday! Here is an except from the Vatican Easter speech (translated into English, of course). He does forget to mention the hundreds of thousands of children who were raped in His Holy…

T-Shirts That God Would Wear!

tags: T-Shirts That God Would Wear!, religion, cults, comedy, humor, funny, silly, fucking hilarious, Edward Current, streaming video As a believer in the Prosperity Gospel, Edward Current prayed for abundance in his bank account. Here’s what God — and his accountant — told him to do. Better yet, Jeebuz is helping out by pimping his…

How to Spot a Cult

tags: How to Spot a Cult, scientology, branch davidians, religion, cults, mind control, investigative news report, mind control, mental health, beliefs, streaming video This Inside New Zealand investigative report is long but fascinating and very well-worth watching. It includes plenty of information on Scientology as well as other cults (Branch Davidians, etc) and gives a…