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The Tourist Lane

tags: The Tourist Lane, NYC, New York City, prank, humor, funny, comedy, satire, Improv Everywhere, streaming video As a NYCer, I screamed with laughter when I saw this video, so of course, I HAD to share it with you. The comedy group, Improv Everywhere, pranked NYC when they created separate walking lanes for tourists and…

Besti Flokkurinn

tags: BestiFlokkurinn, Besti Flokkurinn, politics, Reykjavik, Iceland, social observation, Jón Gnarr Kristinsson, ferrets, humor, funny, satire, offbeat, streaming video “We are the best” — this satirical video is made by Iceland’s Best party, endorsing comedian Jón Gnarr Kristinsson for Mayor of Reykjavik in 2010. Among his campaign promises? Iceland’s very own polar bear, wow! (Nevermind…

The Clearwater Beach Diet

tags: The Clearwater Beach Diet, Scientology, cults, diet, weight loss, satire, humor, funny, offbeat, streaming video This satirical video offends two groups of people at the same time: Scientologists and people who are on “the diet fad of the week.”

tags: Former NYC Mayor Giuliani, Ferrets, and Freedom, politics, NYC, NYC Life, social observation, pets, ferrets, humor, funny, satire, offbeat, streaming video Here’s another set of videos for today’s Silly Saturday. These videos take a closer look at the battle between former NYC Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, and the ferrets (and ferret owners) of NYC after…

tags: A Sneak-Peak at UK Conservatives, Not the Nine O’clock News, UK politics, conservative politics, immigrants, racism, comedy, humor, funny, satire, parody, television, Rowan Atkison, streaming video This British comedy reminds me of conservative politics (and politicians) in the USA, especially those in Arizona. Amazing how little things change, isn’t it?

The Delicious Dish

tags: The Delicious Dish, Betty White, comedy, humor, funny, satire, parody, television, Saturday Night Live, National Public Radio, The Splendid Table, Good Food, streaming video For those of you without a TV or who don’t live in the US (where Saturday Night Live is filmed and broadcast), here’s a look at a skit that aired…


tags: Shining, The Shining, parody, satire, humor, funny, Something Awful Goon, streaming video I’ve watched this video many times before and have always been impressed by how a horror film can be recast as a comedy simply through careful choice of narrator and which scenes to include in a trailer.

A Small Announcement

tags: A Small Announcement, Star Wars, parody, satire, humor, funny, Jennifer Hays, streaming video This is a really strange announcement of a pregnancy and impending birth by a couple who apparently thought they’d never have their own kid. I wonder what the relatives think about the entire world tuning in to watch this announcement?

Total Eclipse of the Heart

tags: Total Eclipse of the Heart, humor, funny, satire, fucking hilarious, William Shatner, Lin Yu Chun, streaming video Just in time for silly Saturday: this is for all you Star Trek and Whitney Houston fans: William Shatner and Lin Yu Chun perform a hilarious rendition of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” on the television show,…

tags: David Cameron Met a Black Man, UK politics, conservative party, humor, funny, comedy, satire, art, streaming video This video is for all my friends who are voting in today’s General Election in the UK. According to my observations (admittedly, as an outsider), David Cameron is a proud member of the “it sucks to be…