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tags: Onion News Network, ONN, Princess Diana, 120-car Pile-up, humor, funny, satire, fucking hilarious, streaming video Yesterday’s 259 car pile-up on the autobahn in Germany reminded me of this tragic news report that I’d always meant to share with my friends — especially one of my British friends who is relocating to Germany [1:56]

Update problems

I have been trying to update my blogroll for the past three days without success. Spercifically, I am trying to update my “drinking pals” section since I now have three new blog writers who are new drinking pals of mine; John, Brent and Jim, whose beautiful house I visited while I was in Phoenix —…

Last Day at SICB

Today is the last day of SICB. The meeting ends at noon, and since I stayed up until three in the morning, writing up summaries of the bird posters, I slept in a little bit this morning, so I am missing the last few presentations today. Overall, the meeting was excellent, with lots of fascinating…

SICB Posters, Part 2: Birds

Following (below the fold) are a few of the bird posters that I saw yesterday at SICB.

SICB Posters

I also managed to see a lot of posters today — some of which I will tell you about below the fold (I primarily focused on those posters that discussed birds or molecular evolution of certain characters);

Day Three at SICB

The internet connection was down for nearly 24 hours at the hotel, so I was unable to update you all on the talks I attended yesterday afternoon, which caused me to express much crankiness. Hopefully, I will be able to get that done sometime within the next 24 hours (i.e.; before I return to NYC).…

Day Two At SICB

I spent my morning going to presentations in the Hormones, Brain and Behavior section, which is the area that I studied for my doctoral degree before I switched fields to evolution and phylogenetics. Some of the presentations I saw included;

Day One At SICB

I have been running into people I know from graduate school all day long, and thus, haven’t gotten to attend as many talks and posters as I’d like. Hopefully, I will be able to catch up with my grad school colleagues sometime during the next few days. I also have some talks and posters to…

PZ Has Arrived

Well, folks, PZ has arrived and is in fine spirits, although not as fine as me, considering that I have had a beer and already met some people I know from graduate school. I was also told that my dissertation advisor is here, and according to rumor, he is out birding somewhere so he may…

I’m Here!

Yes, my peeps, I have arrived in Phoenix, I have investigated the surroundings and am settled into my room on the 19th floor of the Hyatt Regency hotel. My room has a great view of the city, and of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the distance, which are currently obscured by a layer of smog.…