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tags: Irene Pepperberg, Alex, Alex the African grey parrot, talking parrot, cognition, behavior, streaming video As you know, I went to Irene Pepperberg’s reading last night from her new book about her friend and colleague, Alex the African grey parrot. This is an interesting video interview with Pepperberg about Alex, shortly after he died [3:29]

tags: African grey parrot, Alex the parrot, Alex & Me, ethology, cognition, learning, parrots, Irene Pepperberg, books I am attending a book tour reading by researcher, Irene Pepperberg, that is promoting her new book, Alex & Me: How a Scientist and a Parrot Discovered a Hidden World of Animal Intelligence — and Formed a Deep…

tags: Alex And Me: A 30-Year Adventure, Alex & Me: Lessons from a Little Bird with a Big Heart, ethology, cognition, learning, parrots, Irene Pepperberg, book review As a scientist, parrot researcher, aviculturist and parrot companion, I have met Irene Pepperberg several times, at both scientific meetings and also at avicultural meetings, and I have…

The pathology tests are finally back regarding the sudden death of Alex the Congo African Grey parrot.