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tags: Bible Contradictions Quiz Show, religion, christianity, Bible, humor, funny, satire, comedy, fucking hilarious,animation, cults, streaming video This amusing video shows a quiz show where the two contestants are asked questions about the bible — unfortunately, the holy word of god is filled with contradictions (more contradictions than the Harry Potter series, for that matter!)

Rights and Privileges

tags: Rights and Privileges, ethics, social commentary, cultural observation, George Carlin, bible, humor, comedy, fucking hilarious, streaming video Rights are cute ideas. Rights aren’t rights at all if someone can take them away. ‘God-given rights’ are due to the god excuse: if god really gave you rights, he would have given you the right to…

Lewis Black Explains Religion

tags: religion, humor, funny, bible, Lewis Black, streaming video Lewis Black takes a look at religions and explains them to the public .. he uses some rather colorful language, too [5:56]

tags: religion, humor, funny, bible, The Chasers, streaming video According to the polls, 63% of Americans believe the bible is literally true. But apparently, they are either lying or too stupid to know what is actually in the bible, as you will see in this video [5:56]

tags: book review, Unholy Business, religious antiquities, biblical antiquities, fraud, Christianity, Judaism, Nina Burleigh There are two different types of people in the world, those who want to know, and those who want to believe. — Friedrich Nietzsche In November 2002, an ancient carved limestone burial box designed to hold the disarticulated skeleton of a…

Some Thoughts About Creation

tags: religion, Bible, Ricky Gervais, creation story, humor, funny, parody, streaming video This streaming video shows Ricky Gervais discussing creation as he reads from the Bible — wow! This makes so much sense, doesn’t it? I am going to give up my godless hedonistic ways right now!! [9:53]

tags: Holy Bible fiction, religion, religious fundamentalism, religious wingnuttery, religious fascism I’ve often said that the bible needs a warning on the front cover, so I am pleased to see that someone has finally heard me and done this. Image: Orphaned [larger view].