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Religion is the Problem

tags: Religion is the Problem, religion, cults, faith, funny, humor, comedy, social commentary, Bill Maher, television, streaming video Bill Maher points out some of the more idiotic beliefs that various religions claim are truths .. beliefs that have been shown to be false.

tags: americans, ignorance, stupid, uneducated, Bill Maher, comedy, humor, beliefs, television, education, streaming video “This country is like a college chick after two long island iced teas: we can be talked into anything, like wars, and we can be talked out of anything, like health care,” says Bill Maher. “We should forget town halls and…

tags: cultural observations, Sam Harris, atheism, human behavior, humor, funny, streaming video This video is an interesting interview with Sam Harris, author of The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason and Letter to a Christian Nation.

tags: cultural observations, Bill Maher, atheism, human behavior, humor, funny, streaming video Yet another brilliant series of cultural observations from Bill Maher. Why doesn’t this guy run for president?

Bill Maher On Religion

tags: cultural observations, Lewis Black, travel, health insurance, humor, funny, fucking hilarious, streaming video Bill Maher talks about the relationship between religion and political office, noting that most Americans would not vote for a political candidate who does not believe in a god of some sort.

tags: socialized health care, Bill Maher, humor, funny, satire, fucking hilarious, social commentary, streaming video I am one of more than 40 million Americans who cannot afford health care — and I think America SHOULD have government-funded health care, as Bill Maher points out so eloquently in less than two minutes.

Bill Maher’s New Rules

tags: New Rules, Bill Maher, humor, funny, satire, fucking hilarious, social commentary, streaming video This video below the jump features Bill Maher’s social observations, including his comments about the relationship between raising animals for food and global warming.

tags: new rules, social commentary, humor, funny, Bill Maher, streaming video In this video we learn, among other things, how to properly greet the first African-American POTUS and the identity of the REAL Islamic bomb [6:17]

tags: politics, religion, fundamentalism, physical violence, Bill Maher, streaming video “‘This is what I believe.’ ‘Yeah, you believe it, and I’m going to say why it’s dumb.’” ~ Bill Maher [2:17]

tags: politics, American constitution, national security, terrorism, Bill Maher, streaming video Should America curtail our constitutional rights under the guise of preventing terrorist attacks? NO NO NO. I just wanted to remind you of an important discussion that occurred nearly one year ago when American was trapped in the clutches of a lunatic moron who…