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Fur Person

tags: Fur Person, humor, funny, weird, behavior, cat, pets, animals, streaming video This short video is really amazing: it captures a cat standing on its hind legs to get a better view of what’s happening outdoors.

Stalking Kitty

tags: cat, pets, animals, stalking kitty, YouTube, parody, funny, humor, fucking hilarious, streaming video This amusing little video shows a kitty stalking the photographer as she peeks around a corner in the room with her camera. In nearly every shot we see, the cat is not moving, but is magically closer to the photographer than…

tags: miracle, christian cat, religion, Christian Cat Plays Amazing Grace, Edward Current, streaming video In this amazing video, we are given evidence that miracles truly do happen! This video captures the impossible: Edward’s christian cat, Miss Delilah, performs a miracle on camera. You just have to believe it in your heart! [1:06]

Silly Fat Kitty

tags: pets, silly cat, streaming video This video proves that Japanese cats can be just as .. erm, “furry” as American cats. Oh, yeah, and they can be just as silly as American cats, too. In fact, with a cat like this as a pet, who needs a TV? [1:32].

tags: Simon’s cat: let me in!, animated cartoon, humor, streaming video A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to get indoors. If this doesn’t make you laugh, well, you need serious help. [1:52].

This Lion and Crow Lay Down Together

tags: crow, kitten, unlikely friends, streaming video This is a story that I’ve linked to before, but the video is new since then; it tells the story of a wild crow that befriended a motherless kitten, fed and protected it and now that the kitten (now more a cat than a kitten) has found a…