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Chemical Party

tags: Marie Curie Actions, Roderick Fenske, Chemical Party, education, teaching, humor, funny, television, streaming video Directed by Roderick Fenske, Marie Curie is proud to present: “Chemicals having a party,” featuring sexy carbons, bored noble gases, and explosive reactions. This is a hilarious and educational video about chemistry!

How it’s Made: Aluminum Foil

tags: How it’s Made: Aluminum Foil, aluminum, material science, chemistry, technology, streaming video The video shows the process of producing everyday use aluminum foil from huge, raw aluminum ingots.

How It’s Made: Bread

tags: How It’s Made: Bread, baking, agriculture, chemistry, food science, technology, streaming video This interesting video shows how bread is made in large, mechanized factories: from mixing the ingredients to shipping it out for consumption.

tags: atoms, teaching, pets, dogs, chemistry, streaming video A crack team of PhD-trained golden retrievers illustrate the structure of atoms — the particles that make up everything around you. They also show how atoms are weirder than you might think.

Meet The Elements

tags: chemistry, elements, meet the elements, they might be giants, music video, streaming video This is such a cute song that I would use it in my chemistry class if I was teaching this semester. This song, “Meet the Elements” is by the group, They Might be Giants, and it has a catchy tune that…

Kitchen Science: Ice-Nine

tags: ice-nine, supercooled water, physics, chemistry, thermodynamics, streaming video This is a fun little experiment with water that was supercooled to -21C (-6F). The supercooled water is poured into a bowl. It pours out as a liquid and turns to slush, forming ropelike peaks [1:07].

Kitchen Science: Elephant Toothpaste

tags: Kitchen Science, elephant toothpaste, chemistry demonstration, streaming video Elephant toothpaste is a classic chemistry demonstration that will make anyone overflow with joy. When hydrogen peroxide decomposes, it gives off oxygen gas and water. Under ordinary circumstances, it breaks down very slowly, but potassium iodide can act as a catalyst — making the reaction tremendously…

tags: flame test, identifying salts, chemistry, streaming video Some elements can be identified by the colors they emit while burning. This is a quality that chemists use to identify salts, by burning them. In this video, a science teacher douses several exotic salts in methanol and ignites all of them at the same time. The…