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Awkward Questions about Jesus

tags: children, religion, cults, mind control, television, silly, offbeat, beliefs, funny, education, streaming video This amusing video is from a British TV show, Outnumbered. In this clip, young Ben asks the vicar some awkward questions about Jesus — questions that most religious people have been asked at one time or another.

Dan Savage on Gay Adoption

tags: gay adoption, United States, equality, religion, children, religion, hypocrisy, Dan+Savage, streaming video Unlike straight parents, gay parents cannot go out one night, get drunk and adopt. Unlike straight parents, gay parents have children because they are wanted and planned for. Certainly this was the situation for my (straight) so-called parents, who not only didn’t…

tags: facebook, twitter, internet, technology, cyber stalking, Onion News Network, ONN, humor, satire, fucking hilarious, streaming video There are times when I am grateful for having been shunned by my family since the age of fifteen: Christmas being the most notable among them. But the Onion News Network reminded me of yet another reason to…

tags: religion, atheism, godlessness, Keep Porno Out of Day Care Centers!, humor, funny, satire, edward current, streaming video This video reveals Hollywood’s latest assault on our culture; stripping preschoolers of their innocence and filling them with unchaste ideas. [4:15]

Sand Monsters

tags: sand monsters, animation, children, streaming video This streaming video presents a fascinating world of sand animation where a child fights monsters, dragons and ghosts with the power of his violin’s sound, a melody that is able to make all these scary characters run away [4:45]

The Bi | Polar Puzzle

tags: bipolar disorder, manic-depression, mental health, mental illness, behavior Image: Gerald Slota, The New York Times Magazine. A couple days ago, I heard an interview with Jennifer Egan on WNYC about her upcoming article in tomorrow’s New York Magazine about bipolar disorder, often known as manic-depressive illness, “The Bi | Polar Puzzle.” It’s long but…