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tags: Bible Contradictions Quiz Show, religion, christianity, Bible, humor, funny, satire, comedy, fucking hilarious,animation, cults, streaming video This amusing video shows a quiz show where the two contestants are asked questions about the bible — unfortunately, the holy word of god is filled with contradictions (more contradictions than the Harry Potter series, for that matter!)

The Real Face of Jesus?

tags: Shroud of Turin, christianity,catholics, religion, cults, History Channel, streaming video This video is a clip from the History Channel, where they report on the face that is imprinted onto the Shroud of Turin (rumored to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ). Ho-hum.

tags: christianity, religion, cults, mind control, social phenomenon, Harry Potter, witchcraft, beliefs, education, streaming video This video is a report on the christian wingnuts’ response to Harry Potter — it seems this is another cult of mind-control that is unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy. Since today is my birthday, and I am a…

Downfall of IDiocy

tags: religion, IDiots, satire, parody, comedy, humor, fucking hilarious, Hitler, DOWNFALL, streaming video The so-called Discovery Institute is a pretentious über-Christian disguise for creationism and an ultra-Conservative social agenda called The Wedge Strategy. So-called Intelligent Design theory is plagiarized from William Paley’s long-refuted Blind Watchmaker argument, and is merely creationism in a not-so-cunning disguise.

tags: Atheists Can’t Think For Themselves!, humor, funny, satire, religion, christianity, islam, Edward Current, streaming video This astonishing video sets out to prove that being a Christian requires constant thinking, while being an atheist sheep does not. This explains why atheists are the dumbest people God ever created!

An Atheist Finds God!

tags: religion, fundamentalism, christianity, SPAM, MysteryBox, streaming video A hardcore atheist finds God when he wasn’t even looking for God. It’s a touching story with a happy ending.

Why us Wimminz Belongz in da Kitchen

tags: religion, christianity, fundamentalism, wingnuttery, comedy, humor, satire, fucking hilarious, streaming video The Bible states clearly in Genesis 3:16 that the man rules over the woman.

tags: religion, fundamentalism, christianity, Islam, Islam Not A Religion, Pat Robinson, streaming video A Muslim takes on Pat Robertson and his form of fundamentalist wingnuttery known as “evangelical religion”. Pat Robinson demonstrates nicely that even religious people of different denominations do not respect each other even though they supposedly are on the same side. They…

Evolution Shmevolution!

tags: religion, fundamentalism, christianity, humor, satire, funny, evolution shmevolution, Edward Current, streaming video Edward Current comments about all of the ignorant evilutionists (including me) who are contaminating the world with our crazy ideas. Nevermind that we have proof and the religious wingnuts do not.

Why Do Atheists Care About Religion?

tags: religion, fundamentalism, christianity, Why Do Atheists Care About Religion?, imrational, streaming video How does religion impinge upon each American’s rights? This video should open your eyes to the ridiculous, backwards and utterly nonsensical laws that control our lives because of someone’s religious beliefs.