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tags: David Kassan Paints a Live Model on his iPad, technology, computers, iPad, Apple, art, fingerpainting, portrait painting, documentary, time-lapse video, streaming video This video is a time-lapse rendering of an Apple ipad fingerpainting demo that was streamed live from artist David Kassan’s Brooklyn studio on Monday, 21 June 2010. The model sat for 3…

MacBook Air — I Want One, Too!

tags: Macbook Air, humor, streaming video I am so jealous, I want a Macbook Air, too! Here’s a streaming video of this amazing new laptop, just to make you envious of those lucky few who own one [0:39]

tags: technology woes, humor, streaming video Since you are all starting your work week after a wonderful football- and booze-filled three-day weekend, I thought I’d share this video of people who are really having a bad day — thanks to technology. Music is “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter [4:16]

I’m In The Minority ..

Are we becoming a nation of pajama-wearing web-surfing loners? (Orphaned image). Zogby International and 463 Communications recently polled 9,743 Americans online regarding their attitude towards the internet.