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tags: The Laryngeal Nerve of the Giraffe is Proof of Natural Selection, animals, giraffe, evolution, creationism, intelligent design, dissection, necropsy, autopsy, recurrent laryngeal nerve pathway, vagus nerve, cranial nerve X, evolutionary legacy, Richard Dawkins, streaming video This video, including comments by Richard Dawkins, documents a necropsy (an autopsy on an animal other than a human)…

Downfall of IDiocy

tags: religion, IDiots, satire, parody, comedy, humor, fucking hilarious, Hitler, DOWNFALL, streaming video The so-called Discovery Institute is a pretentious über-Christian disguise for creationism and an ultra-Conservative social agenda called The Wedge Strategy. So-called Intelligent Design theory is plagiarized from William Paley’s long-refuted Blind Watchmaker argument, and is merely creationism in a not-so-cunning disguise.

tags: Why Do People Laugh at Creationists? , atheism, religion, water, streaming video The only people who are so stupid as to not understand the answer to that question are the creationists themselves.

tags: science, geology, Grand Canyon, religion, creationism, humor, funny, streaming video The Grand Canyon is such an icon of the Earth’s geological history, of slow and steady uplift, erosion, submergence and deposition, that the creationist crowd thought it essential to tackle it head on. So they have come up with an explanation as to how…

tags: science, god, religion, creationism, humor, funny, satire, Edward Current, streaming video This video provides an unbiased look at whether Earth’s favorable conditions for life prove that a loving God planned it that way all along. (Hint: There’s no other explanation.) [3:45]

tags: universe, god, religion, creationism, humor, funny, satire, Edward Current, streaming video In this video, we learn that God created the entire universe for the enjoyment of us humans on Earth. To believe otherwise is arrogant and deluded! [4:08]

tags: National Center for Science Education, NCSE, religion, fundamentalism, creationism, intelligent design, streaming video This video gives you a brief overview of what the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) does to protect our schools from the tyranny of religious brainwashing posing as “science” [3:19]

Why Evolution is True

tags: book review, Why Evolution is True, evolution, creationism, religion, scientific method, Jerry Coyne Considering the plethora of books about evolution out there, is it really necessary to publish yet another one? What can another book about evolution have to offer that previous books have not provided? This new book not only presents the latest…

tags: religion, creationism, bananas, pineapples, masturbation, streaming video This informative video discusses the banana and why it is a creationist’s nightmare. Conclusion: gawd wishes humans to masturbate, so get beating, everybody! [10:16]

tags: John Scopes, Scopes Monkey Trial, Tennessee v. John T. Scopes Trial, evolution, creationism, religious fundamentalism, education Tennessee v. John T. Scopes Trial: John Thomas Scopes. Image: Watson Davis (1896-1967), courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution (copyright free). [larger view].