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tags: Things You CAN’T Do When You’re NOT a Dog, behavior, silly, humor, fucking hilarious, streaming video To kick off this week’s Silly Saturday, here’s a ridiculous look at what dogs can get away with but humans can’t. (I’ve watched this several times and am surprised I haven’t used it yet on the blog, so…

tags: Law & Order, Pups & Order, television, music, dogs, pets, comedy, humor, strange, behavior, streaming video I love Law & Order so much that this one TV show is enough to tempt me into purchasing a television (I’ve never owned nor possessed a TV, although I do watch TV in “my” NYC pub). But…

tags: dog eating, funny, offbeat, silly, humor, pets, pranks, fucking hilarious, streaming video This video shows what happens when a guy and his dog have too much time (and a video camera) on their hands.

tags: dogs, pets, hospitals, organ transplants, comedy, humor, funny, fucking hilarious, television, streaming video This video is the hilariously stupid dog scene from One Tree Hill, now with suitably awkward closing music.

El Baile del Perrito

tags: El Baile del Perrito, Un Perro Bailando Merengue, stupid pet tricks, animal training, humor, funny, streaming video This video documents a Merengue-dancing dog. Despite its cheesiness, it’s really an interesting study in excellent animal training as well as a demonstration of how well an animal observes human body movements and body language.

tags: atoms, teaching, pets, dogs, chemistry, streaming video A crack team of PhD-trained golden retrievers illustrate the structure of atoms — the particles that make up everything around you. They also show how atoms are weirder than you might think.

The World’s Most Obedient Dog

tags: dog, pets, animal behavior, training, streaming video This amazing video shows what must be the world’s most obedient dog [1:22]

A Doggy Christmas Surprise

tags: christmas, dogs, pets, cute, streaming video Dog lovers will especially enjoy this video even though it is a few days late [3:19]

Bailey the SnowDog

tags: Bailey the SnowDog, funny, humor, pets, dogs, streaming video This amusing little video features Bailey the snowdog and “Rudolph the Reindeer” by Harry Connick Jr. [2:36]

The Dachshund Song

tags: the weiner dog song, humor, cute, streaming video This silly video is all about Dachshunds .. it includes a song, too [0:38]