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tags: ABC Nightline Twittercast, legalization of marijuana, NORML, Allen St. Pierre, Heritage Foundation, Brian Darling, weed, pot, drugs, twittercast, streaming video Let’s kick off Silly Saturday with an interesting ABC twittercast debate about legalization of marijuana. This video is amusing because, as one person observed, it’s like watching a scientist argue with a 9-year-old about…

tags: Sex, Drugs and HIV — Let’s Get Rational, behavior, disease, prostitution, gay men, drug addicts, sex, STD, HIV, AIDS, poverty, medicine, public health, Compassion Conundrum, Elizabeth Pisani, TEDTalks, streaming video Armed with bracing logic, wit and her “public-health nerd” glasses, Elizabeth Pisani reveals the myriad of inconsistencies in today’s political systems that prevent our…

tags: politics, good citizenship, humor, America, streaming video This streaming video provides essential educational advice to Americans on how to be good citizens — I was especially impressed with Mary’s frugal meals, but seriously, she’d spend le$$ if she stopped eating meat altogether! [10:39]

tags: spider, web building, mind-altering drugs, streaming video This streaming video documents that spiders web-building abilities are affected by exposure to mind-altering drugs, like weed, as demonstrated by in 1960 Dr. Peter Witt. [1:49].

tags: drugs, pharmaceuticals, Drugs and Pharmacology carnival, blog carnival Hey you guys, the very first edition of the new blog carnival, Drugs and Pharmacology carnival, is now available for you to read. This is a monthly blog carnival that focuses on essays related to drugs — ranging from the medicinal to the recreational.