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tags: What do You Remember About Mt St Helens’ Violent Eruption?, volcano, Mt St Helens, earth science, earth science Mt St Helens eruption, as photographed by NOAA GOES-3 satellite. Image: NOAA, US Government (public domain) [larger view].

tags: South Pacific Islands, Indonesia, Sumatra, geology, nature, volcano, global warming, Lake Toba, PBS, NOVA, television Sixty-two-mile-long Lake Toba, seen in the center of this satellite image, was created by the largest explosive volcanic eruption of the past 100,000 years — an eruption whose aftermath holds important clues for us today about rapid climate change,…

tags: earth science, geoscience, nature, streaming video What does an geoscientist do and how do you become one? The footage on this video is really remarkable [6:38]

Continental Ballet

tags: continental drift, geology, earth science, streaming video This video shows how the continents have split apart and drifted around the globe. Further, it also shows their predicted movements in the future [1:20]


tags: Stromatolites, fossils, earth science, NewScientist, Image of the Day Stromatolites. These intriguing fossils are a visual portal into the emergence of life and the eventual evolving of life forms from Cambrian to modern times. Image: Mark Boyle 2007 (NewScientist calendar 2008). [