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tags: disease, god, religion, creationism, humor, funny, satire, Edward Current, streaming video In a live webcast, Edward Current explains how God created a perfect world and had nothing to do with creating disease. But letting just anyone write in and comment probably wasn’t the best idea [3:51]

tags: religion, atheism, godlessness, Keep Porno Out of Day Care Centers!, humor, funny, satire, edward current, streaming video This video reveals Hollywood’s latest assault on our culture; stripping preschoolers of their innocence and filling them with unchaste ideas. [4:15]

tags: religion, atheism, godlessness, Science is the Dumbest Religion, humor, funny, satire, edward current, streaming video This video asks the important question: Have scientists really found the missing link? Or are Darwinianists just blindly worshipping roadkill again? [3:23]

tags: religion, fundamentalist nonsense, poison, humor, satire, comedy, streaming video In this video, we are reminded about Mark 16:17-18, which tells us that drinking poison will do no harm to those who believe in god. Edward Current celebrates this amazing gift from our loving Father by drinking a bottle of cyanide that is so potent…

tags: religion, humor, edward current, streaming video Do you really believe that precious life comes from disgusting body fluids? The Truth is, babies are brought into the world by a pure white angel, the Stork. [3:06]

Let’s All Pray For Armageddon

tags: Edward Current, christianity, pray for armageddon, vibrations of devotion, satire, humor, streaming video Edward Current is depressed: our once great country is now an Islamic communistic atheocracy where children are forced to learn things like math and science. This video is dated, but it still is worth watching. [3:40]

The Intelligent Dust Bunny

tags: Edward Current, christianity, the intelligent dust bunny, the big bang, satire, humor, streaming video Just in time for Saturday cleaning day: this video examines a dust bunny, a little ball of dust, it’s miraculous what can be logically inferred about God and outer space. [4:06]

tags: Christians, religion, death, humor, streaming video A scientific study recently found that Christians are more likely to have aggressive medical care at the end of their lives — why is that if heaven is so wonderful? In this video, Edward Current, the defender of Christianity everywhere, explains why Christians do not want to go…

PrayerMAX 5000™ Commercial

tags: prayer, religion, humor, satire, streaming video This streaming video is a commercial for the PrayerMAX5000! Finally, Prayer Amplification Technology™ can be yours — either at home or on the go [2:00]

tags: prayer, religion, humor, satire, streaming video This streaming video shows Edward Current’s new contraption, where he exploits science to build a prayer amplifier, the PrayerMax5000. Edward says, “I have faith that with my new invention, praying to God will be effective and reliable, finally.” [3:55]