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Fencing Flamingos

tags: Fencing Flamingos, ornithology, ecology, endangered species, food webs, research, field work, Marita Davison, Jennifer Moslemi, Jamie Herring, streaming video “Fencing Flamingos” follows the work of Marita Davison, a PhD student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Cornell University, and her collaborator Jennifer Moslemi as they study flamingos in the rugged high-Andes of Bolivia. The…

The Crimson Wing

Disney’s new film, The Crimson Wing — Mystery of the Flamingos tells the story of the birth, life and death of a million Lesser Flamingos, Phoeniconaias minor. Life at Natron is tough for the flamingos, with many predators threatening their daily survival. According to Aeberhard: “they have a number of predators such as Marabou Stork…

Baboon versus Flamingos

tags: flamingos, baboons, nature, streaming video This streaming National Geographic video shows a group of hungry baboons in Kenya’s Lake Bogoria that find themselves surrounded by a million unsuspecting, and unprotected, flamingos. I am sure you can guess what happens next. [2:40]

Flamingo Flamenco

tags: birds, ornithology, flamingos, courtship dance, streaming video This video documents the highly synchronized mating dance of wild flamingos, just one of many surprising animals hidden among the Andes in South America. This footage is from the NATURE premiere of “Andes: The Dragon’s Back.” It is narrated by F. Murray Abraham. [1:42]


tags: flamingos, Ciconiiformes, Phoenicopterus ruber, birds, Image of the Day Is this image photoshopped? (You can blow it up for a closer look, if you like). If it is photoshopped, someone sure did a good job. Image: Robert B. Haas/National Geographic [wallpaper size]