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tags: Muppets’ Swedish Chef makes Pöpcørn Shrimp!, humor, funny, silly, weird, Swedish Chef, cooking, food, The Muppets, streaming video Do you like pöpcørn shrimp? Watch the Swedish Chef as he prepares this explosively good meal!

tags: Natural Harvest: A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes, cookbooks, food, humor, weird, strange, wow, books I thought I’d read or heard of absolutely everything, but apparently, this is not the case. It turns out that the spousal unit found a cookbook that he thinks is “hilarious” .. which means that he has to share it…

tags: food, health, healthy eating, healthy food, cooking, portion size, obesity, overweight, Jamie Oliver, TEDTalks, streaming video In this affecting video, TED Prize winner Jamie Oliver shares powerful stories from his anti-obesity project in Huntington, W. Va., and makes the case for an all-out assault on our ignorance of food.

How It’s Made: Chocolate

tags: How it’s Made: Chocolate, chocolate, food science, technology, streaming video After watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a kid, I thought chocolate was made by oompa loompas who were employed by a fuzzy-haired man wearing a delightful purple velvet suit. I guess I was wrong.

As you know, I recently married a British nutter and relocated to Germany, where I assume we both will remain for a significant period of time. Like most newlyweds, we wish to start our own traditions for the holidays, but since our possessions have not arrived yet, we are living in a nearly empty flat.

Food, Inc. (Official Trailer)

tags: Food, Inc., food industry, factory farming, health, documentary, film, movie trailer, Eric Schlosser, streaming video This is the official trailer for a 2008 documentary based on Eric Schlosser’s research (Fast Food Nation DVD or book). It identifies, describes and details the problems of the food industry, its effects upon our health and provides us…

Kauppatori Open Air Market

tags: food, Kauppatori Open Air Market, Helsinki, Finland, travel A look out from under a coffee tent at the Kauppatori open air market. Image: GrrlScientist, 5 July 2009 [larger view]. Here’s a look at the Kauppatori open air market from a little coffee tent that my friend and I (and close to 50 other people)…

Lunch in Helsinki, 5

tags: food, Helsinki, Finland, travel Traditional Finnish lunch, prepared at the Kauppatori open air market. Image: GrrlScientist, 5 July 2009 [larger view]. Here’s a look at this traditional lunch as it was being prepared in front of my friend and I at the Kauppatori open air market.

Lunch in Helsinki, 4

tags: food, Seurasaari, Helsinki, Finland, image of the day Lunch in Helsinki, Finland, as I walked to Seurasaari. Image: GrrlScientist, 4 July 2009 [larger view]. (raw image) As you can see from this amazing lunch, I am a piscivore, when not constrained by finances.

Lunch in Helsinki, 1

tags: food, Helsinki, Finland, travel Lunch: boiled egg and smoked salmon with lettuce, fresh dill, ground black pepper and butter on rye bread (open-faced sandwich). And of course, coffee. Image: GrrlScientist, 4 July 2009 [larger view]. Today’s lunch was, as always, delightful. I’ve yet to be disappointed by anything I’ve eaten in Finland. (You’ll notice…