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tags: Why Do People Laugh at Creationists? , atheism, religion, water, streaming video The only people who are so stupid as to not understand the answer to that question are the creationists themselves.

tags: science, geology, Grand Canyon, religion, creationism, humor, funny, streaming video The Grand Canyon is such an icon of the Earth’s geological history, of slow and steady uplift, erosion, submergence and deposition, that the creationist crowd thought it essential to tackle it head on. So they have come up with an explanation as to how…

tags: politics, religion, fundamentalism, physical violence, Bill Maher, streaming video “‘This is what I believe.’ ‘Yeah, you believe it, and I’m going to say why it’s dumb.’” ~ Bill Maher [2:17]

tags: Creationism-vs-evolution, fundamentalism, religion, culture wars A friend, Dave, sent me an interesting article that was published several months ago in Science. This insightful and well-written article by Jennifer Couzin is important because it focuses on one scientist’s trauma and ensuing lifelong journey with rejecting his evangelical creationist upbringing to accept evolution as scientific fact.…