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Atheist Holiday Traditions

tags: Holidays, christmas, Atheist Holiday Traditions, big fat whale, cartoon, comedy, humor, satire, fucking hilarious Image: Big Fat Whale [larger view].

tags: Atheists Can’t Think For Themselves!, humor, funny, satire, religion, christianity, islam, Edward Current, streaming video This astonishing video sets out to prove that being a Christian requires constant thinking, while being an atheist sheep does not. This explains why atheists are the dumbest people God ever created!

An Atheist Finds God!

tags: religion, fundamentalism, christianity, SPAM, MysteryBox, streaming video A hardcore atheist finds God when he wasn’t even looking for God. It’s a touching story with a happy ending.

Evolution Shmevolution!

tags: religion, fundamentalism, christianity, humor, satire, funny, evolution shmevolution, Edward Current, streaming video Edward Current comments about all of the ignorant evilutionists (including me) who are contaminating the world with our crazy ideas. Nevermind that we have proof and the religious wingnuts do not.

Why Do Atheists Care About Religion?

tags: religion, fundamentalism, christianity, Why Do Atheists Care About Religion?, imrational, streaming video How does religion impinge upon each American’s rights? This video should open your eyes to the ridiculous, backwards and utterly nonsensical laws that control our lives because of someone’s religious beliefs.

Black Atheism

tags: atheism, African-Americans, christianity, muslims, JohnBeezy3, streaming video This video discusses something that I’ve often wondered: Where are the Black Atheists?

tags: religion, fundamentalism, christianity, hate mail, Richard Dawkins, streaming video Richard Dawkins responds to some hate mail sent by those architects of brotherly love, god’s own followers, christians.

An Atheist Meets God

tags: religion, fundamentalism, christianity, atheist meets god, Edward Current, streaming video It’s the moment of judgment for one fool who says there is no God. Christians, get ready to laugh as he learns his eternal fate!


tags: atheist life, godlessness, Imagine, streaming video This video is a list of famous people who are atheists, put together for a school project and using John Lennon’s song “Imagine” as the background music.

Atheist Life

tags: atheist life, godlessness, streaming video Being an atheist, you believe that this is the only life, and live it to the fullest. Atheists and skeptics lack proof and evidence of certain deities and spiritual beliefs. So there is no intent for us to harshly bash other religions and forms, for we humbly have our…