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God Only Seems Nonexistent

tags: religion, atheism, godlessness, god is nonexistent, humor, funny, satire, edward current, streaming video This video talks about how Our Lord goes to extraordinary lengths to create the illusion that he does nothing. Why? Because he can do anything! [4:20]

tags: religion, morality, godlessness, atheism, occam’s razor, aesop’s fables, streaming video This video is an interesting testament to why one man is an atheist, and what forms the root of human morals. My opinion? Let’s just say that I prefer Aesop’s fables to the bible [7:06]

tags: religion, fundamentalist nonsense, poison, humor, satire, comedy, streaming video In this video, we are reminded about Mark 16:17-18, which tells us that drinking poison will do no harm to those who believe in god. Edward Current celebrates this amazing gift from our loving Father by drinking a bottle of cyanide that is so potent…

Let’s All Pray For Armageddon

tags: Edward Current, christianity, pray for armageddon, vibrations of devotion, satire, humor, streaming video Edward Current is depressed: our once great country is now an Islamic communistic atheocracy where children are forced to learn things like math and science. This video is dated, but it still is worth watching. [3:40]

tags: books, memoir, religion, godlessness, losing faith, William Lobdell Unlike most people who were raised in a religious household and grew up surrounded by religious people, I never experienced a “crisis of faith” since I never believed there was a god any more than I believed there was a Santa Claus or a Tooth Fairy.…

David Attenborough on Darwin

tags: David Attenborough, nature, evolution, environment, streaming video British broadcaster Sir David Attenborough presents his views on Charles Darwin, natural selection, and how the Bible has put the natural world in peril in an exclusive interview for Nature Video [4:27]

Gawd Responds to GrrlScientist

tags: gawd is hate, grrlscientist with beaker of evil, humor, reader response Secret Underground Laboratory, New York, NY 10024. Image: Homeland Security Photo of GrrlScientist with Beaker of Evil. God inspired a reader of mine to write a message to me in response to my godless spoutings. My reader, being a blog writer, posted it…

tags: dinosaurs, Tardosaurus, paleontology, fossils, Noah’s Ark, religion, godlessness Image: Orphaned (please send the original artist’s information to me so I can properly attribute and link back to this person) Inspired by the recent unveiling of the Tarbosaurus in Japan, I had to include this dinosaur for the creationists, the newly unveiled Tardosaurus, which single…

tags: explicit atheism, godlessness, religion, theism, rational living, freethinking, philosophy Phylogeny of Christianity. Image: FrostFireZoo. All children are born Atheists; they have no idea of God. ~ Baron d’Holbach, 1772. Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted) was recently added to the Atheist Blogroll. You can see the atheist doohickey on my left sidebar, which looks…

The Epicurean Paradox

tags: atheism, godlessness, religion, philosophy, Epicurus, The Epicurean Paradox