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The Doctor Seuss Bible

tags: doctor seuss bible, comedy, humor, creationists, streaming video This streaming video is an amusing but nonsensical reading of Doctor Seuss’s Bible — hey, it’s kinda like the real Bible, isn’t it? [2:29].

tags: Creationism-vs-evolution, fundamentalism, religion, culture wars A friend, Dave, sent me an interesting article that was published several months ago in Science. This insightful and well-written article by Jennifer Couzin is important because it focuses on one scientist’s trauma and ensuing lifelong journey with rejecting his evangelical creationist upbringing to accept evolution as scientific fact.…

tags: atheism, atheist, godlessness, Expelled!, religion, fundamentalist christians Last night, I was amused to learn that my friend and fellow SciBling, PZ Myers, was prevented from attending a free screening of the creationist film, presciently named Expelled! A film that thanked PZ in the credits for giving freely of his time by appearing in the…

The Atheist’s Golden Rule

tags: posters, atheism, godlessness, Atheist’s Golden Rule, ethics Image: orphan [larger size]. The Atheist’s Golden Rule: Don’t do the dumb shit that religious people do to each other.

tags: blog carnivals, Carnival of the Godless, godlessness, atheist, agnostic, humanist Just in time for church, the Carnival of the Godless has been published for everyone to read and enjoy!