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tags: prank, Halloween, funny, streaming video This bratty brother scares the hell out of his sister so she will, no doubt, be plotting her revenge.

tags: pumpkin carving, Halloween, funny, streaming video What do you think: might this pumpkin carving design make Martha Stewart jealous?

tags: halloween prank, fake trick-or-treater, humor, funny, prank, scaring the neighbors, streaming video This is a funny video of a series of pranks committed on the videographers’ neighbors. Truly inpsired!

tags: halloween costumes, effeminate boys, humor, satire, funny, fucking hilarious, ONN, Onion News Network, streaming video Anna Stephenson stops by Today NOW! to show parents of girly sons costume tips to survive Halloween without accentuating their child’s already obvious homosexuality.

In this streaming video (below the fold), Steve Carell teaches Stephen Colbert how to trick-or-treat. I know this is a little late, but late is better than never, right? [4:39]

Hallowe’en in NYC

In NYC, the going fashion seems to be for the men to dress up as bumblebees (they walk around in suits and ties with the bouncing bee eyes mounted on slender springs on their heads), while the women all dress up as lampshades in red and black. Although one of my friends is dressed up…

Especially For Hallowe’en

tags: halloween, parrots, birds, Image of the Day This picture is a departure from my normal “image of the day” fare, but it is cute, so I hope you all can forgive me for sharing it with you. Image: Image source [Larger size].