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tags: cartoon, easter, humor I know this cartoon is as old as I am so you’ve all seen it a hundred times already, but it never fails to make me laugh, so I am sharing it with you anyway.

tags: Snowball, dancing cockatoo, behavior, streaming video This streaming video is a clip from a longer DVD, Snowball’s Snowy Christmas DVD, which is now available for Christmas gift giving. Children love Snowball and this DVD features the sulfur-crested cockatoo, Snowball, dancing to Christmas carols.

tags: peer-reviewed paper, psychology, gift wrapping, wrapping paper, behavior, holidays, holidaze Besides bright lights, my favorite thing about the holidays is wrapping gifts. I love covering a boxed gift with colored papers (or even with plain brown paper bags), I get tremendous satisfaction from folding the paper so it makes precise corners and then I…

tags: safety tips, holidays, christmas, hanukkah, kwanzaa, new year’s day, pets, birds, parrots Elektra. My pet Female Solomon Islands Eclectus parrot, Eclectus roratus solomonensis, April 2008. Image: GrrlScientist 2008 [larger view]. This message was emailed to me, and I am posting it here as a public service. With the Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and the New…

What Are You Doing Today?

Today is Labor Day in the United States. This holiday is designed to honor those of us who are lucky enough to have employment — you know, a job that actually pays a living wage. Today, we honor work by … not working. Most people in America view Labor Day weekend as the last weekend…

tags: easter bunny, easter bunny is dead, holidaze, holidays Image: Orphaned [larger view]. On the way to the subway today, I photographed this tragic accident. This must be the reason I didn’t get any Easter candy this year! I am bummed!

tags: Jesus Christ, The Life of Brian, easter, humor, satire, religion, holidays, holidaze, streaming video This streaming video is from the British series Not the nine o’clock news. It comments on the controversy created by the Biblical story about Jesus Christ and how it is really a cheap rip-off of Monty Python’s popular film, The…

Of Raisins and Reindeer ..

tags: California Raisins, holidays, funny, humor, parody, streaming video Are you in the Holiday Spirit yet? No? Well watch this silly video and maybe this will help you get there … [2:54]

The Animals Wish You Happy Holidays

tags: animal christmas, funny, humor, parody, streaming video This hilarious little video is filled with lots of animals who are wishing you a happy christmas! How can you not watch this? [1:20]

What was Santa Claus Reading?

Santa in the Stacks. Image: GrrlScientist, 8 December 2008 [larger view]. I was sitting in one of the public libraries in NYC when all of a sudden, a celebrity walked in: Santa Claus! He gathered together some reading materials and sat at a table near me for at least an hour. Even though I tried…