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Late For Work

tags: Late For Work, jobs, employment, humor, funny, comedy, fucking hilarious, social observation, streaming video It’s hot, you were up late drinking with your friends and now it’s Monday morning — again! Unlike some videos that I share with you, this one gets straight to the point — a point that we’ve all achieved at…

Magic Mormon Underwear

tags: Mormonism, religion, cults, mind control, Magic Mormon Underwear, moron, offbeat, humor, funny, comedy, silly, beliefs, insanity, education, streaming video I’ve lived among mormons for more years than I care to think about, and yes, the magic underwear was one of those mysteries that us kids speculated on when the adults weren’t around. As if…

Atheists at Prayer

tags: Brother Sam Singleton Atheist Evangelist, Atheists at Prayer, prayer, atheism, agnosticism, humor, funny, comedy, fucking hilarious, satire, streaming video This video features the colorful language and thoughts of my new boyfriend, Sam Singleton Atheist Evangelist as he discusses prayer-time etiquette for atheists.

Candid Camera

tags: Candid Camera, Hidden Camera, Bloody Arm, prank, humor, funny, silly, streaming video This cute video captures people’s reactions when they are pranked by twins.

tags: Yummy Old Spice Man Delivers Marriage Proposal, television, celebrity gossip, humor, funny, comedy, Old Spice Man, Man on a Horse, Isaiah Mustafa, streaming video This video is totally cheesy, except for a couple things: first, the impetus for it was a tweet from a guy asking the Old Spice Man to deliver a marriage…

tags: What Do You get a Heroin Addict for Christmas?, television, humor, funny, comedy, christmas, satire, Mitchell and Webb, BBC, streaming video For those of you who are starting to think about (GAG!!) Christmas shopping already, I thought you might find this funny. I am still trying to figure out what the “message” here is…

tags: The 2009 Ig Nobel Prize for Public Health, humor, funny, comedy, fucking hilarious, sports, science, technology, invention, public health, gas mask, brassiere, streaming video I know this is a little late, but the 2009 Ig Nobel Prize for Public Health Prize was awarded to Dr. Elena Bodnar for her invention of a brassiere that,…

Happiest DJ On Earth

tags: Happiest DJ On Earth, jobs, employment, humor, funny, comedy, disc jockey, David Guetta, streaming video Some people have jobs they love, and then there’s this guy … he’s burning off more calories doing his job than most people burn at the gym!

Orientation Day in the MSM

tags: Orientation Day in the MSM, journalism, mainstream media, humor, streaming video This video is a rather .. interesting … look at the challenges of working as a journalist in the mainstream media in these technologically challenging days.

Pitch Perfect

tags: Pitch Perfect, humor, funny, comedy, satire, sports, baseball, streaming video Now this video is just sick, SICK, I TELL YOU! So of course, because it made me laugh out loud in an empty apartment, I have to share it with you. This video is a comedic look at a baseball game: a burned out…