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Bait Ball Feast

tags: Bait Ball Feast, natural history, animal behavior, plankton, herring, seabird, humpback whale, television, BBC, streaming video In late summer, the plankton bloom is at its height. Vast shoals of herring gather to feed on it, diving birds round the fish up into a bait ball.

Whale versus Bird

tags: whale, humpback whale, seabirds, Whale Versus Bird, Vancouver Aquarium, British Columbia, education, streaming video Imagine you’re a bird, you’re minding your own business, leading your flock, when out of nowhere — Humpback Whale tail! Either the Humpback has a serious dislike for birds, or while feeding this coincidence occurred. This video was shot in…

tags: nature, mammals, Antarctica, humpback whale, Megaptera novaeangliae, David Attenborough, streaming video Faint disturbances in the heart of Antarctic waters gives way to breathtaking images of Humpback Whales, Megaptera novaeangliae, hunting Krill in this fantastic video clip from BBC’s natural history television masterpiece, Planet Earth. Narrated by the incomparable David Attenborough.