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Besti Flokkurinn

tags: BestiFlokkurinn, Besti Flokkurinn, politics, Reykjavik, Iceland, social observation, Jón Gnarr Kristinsson, ferrets, humor, funny, satire, offbeat, streaming video “We are the best” — this satirical video is made by Iceland’s Best party, endorsing comedian Jón Gnarr Kristinsson for Mayor of Reykjavik in 2010. Among his campaign promises? Iceland’s very own polar bear, wow! (Nevermind…

Fire and Ice

tags: Iceland, environment, Iceland, nature, image of the day Iceland. Image: Orvar Thorgiersson [larger view].

Iceland: Land of Contrasts

tags: Iceland, nature, Eva Sturm, Sigur Ros, streaming video This spectacular video focuses on Iceland. Land of contrasts: Hot water and Ice, situated in the North Atlantic, right above the mid-ocean ridge that separates America and Europe. [6:12]