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How it’s Made: Toothpicks

tags: How It’s Made: Toothpicks, material science, engineering, technology, streaming video This video follows a majestic birch log as it goes through the process of being made into millions of itty bitty toothpicks.

How it’s Made: Aluminum Foil

tags: How it’s Made: Aluminum Foil, aluminum, material science, chemistry, technology, streaming video The video shows the process of producing everyday use aluminum foil from huge, raw aluminum ingots.

How it’s Made: Snowboards

tags: How it’s Made: Snowboards, snowboards, sports, engineering, material science, technology, streaming video This video describes in detail something that winter sports enthusiasts care about during this time of year!

How It’s Made: Bread

tags: How It’s Made: Bread, baking, agriculture, chemistry, food science, technology, streaming video This interesting video shows how bread is made in large, mechanized factories: from mixing the ingredients to shipping it out for consumption.