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tags: David Kassan Paints a Live Model on his iPad, technology, computers, iPad, Apple, art, fingerpainting, portrait painting, documentary, time-lapse video, streaming video This video is a time-lapse rendering of an Apple ipad fingerpainting demo that was streamed live from artist David Kassan’s Brooklyn studio on Monday, 21 June 2010. The model sat for 3…

tags: iPad: The World’s Most Expensive Cat Toy, iPad, Macintosh, Apple, laptops, technology, IT, cultural observation, social commentary, humor, funny, pets, cats, streaming video This cat is demonstrating the value of an iPad as a cat toy. Who cares if it’s a bit on the expensive side, since the cat obviously enjoys playing with it?

tags: iPad, MADTV, technology, commentary, NSFW, satire, parody, humor, comedy, fucking hilarious, streaming video It’s rude, it’s disgusting, it’s NOT SAFE FOR WORK! (but admit it, all of you thought this very thing when you first heard the name of Apple’s newest technology, didn’t you)