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tags: animals, kittens, whack-a-kitty game, silliness, cute, funny, streaming video This video is filled with head-exploding cuteness! It’s time to play Whack-A-Kitty! It’s like the game, Whack-A-Mole, but on cute overload. [1:33]

Some Cat Carnivals Available

tags: cats, kittens, blog carnivals There are a couple cat-oriented carnivasls available for you to enjoy. The first one is the 180th edition of The Carnival of Cats. The other one is a relatively new one, Bad Kitty Cat Chaos, which was having issues being published due to power outages over the weekend. Be sure…

It’s Oh So Cute

tags: kittens, cats,streaming video This is a delightful streaming video of cats and kittens being .. themselves. Music is by Bjork, “It’s Oh So Quiet”. [3:36]

Kitten Leaves Her Box

tags: kittens, cats,streaming video This video shows “box kitten” finally climbing out of her box. By the way, all kittens found a home in the photographer’s neighborhood. Two of them live together with one family and the other three have a family each to themselves. They live happily ever after. [0:56]

A Kitten and Her Box

tags: kittens, cats,streaming video A delightful streaming video of kittens playing around and in a box. Music called “Sister Jack” by Spoon. The kitten in the background wants to get back in the box soooo bad. But this kitten took over. How did that kitten get out of the box? I’ll post that video in…