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London Zoo, Part One

tags: London England, London Zoo, sciblog, zoological gardens, travel Entrance, London Zoo. Image: GrrlScientist, 2 September 2008 [larger view]. After a leisurely morning walk through part of London’s Regents Park, Bob O’Hara and I then spent the rest of the day at the London Zoo.

Blue-Crowned Lory at the London Zoo

tags: Blue-crowned Lorikeet, Vini australis, parrots, birds, images The Blue-crowned Lorikeet, Vini australis, is a parrot found throughout the Samoa and Tonga islands and Lau archipelago. This individual was photographed in the Blackburn Pavilion, a large indoor tropical aviary at the London Zoo in England. Image: GrrlScientist 3 September 2008 [larger view]. I wanted to…

London Update: A Zoo Visit

tags: London Zoo, Black-cheeked lovebirds, Agapornis nigrigenis, ornithology, birds, parrots, avian Black-cheeked lovebirds, Agapornis nigrigenis, a native of the African nation of Zambia. Image taken at the London Zoo. Image: GrrlScientist 2 September 2008 [larger view].