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tags: evolutionary biology, paleontology, taphonomy, plumage color, feathers, color, melanin, eumelanin, phaeomelanin, dinosaurs, theropod, paravian, avialae, fossils, Anchiornis huxleyi, ornithology, birds,,peer-reviewed research, peer-reviewed paper New research reveals that recently-described 155-million-year-old Anchiornis huxleyi, a woodpecker-like dinosaur the size of a modern-day domesticated chicken, had black-and-white spangled wings and a rusty red crown. Image: Michael DiGiorgio,…

tags: TEDTalks, skin color, skin pigmentation, melanin, folate, humans, UV radiation, Vitamin D, evolution, streaming video Nina Jablonski says that differing skin colors are simply our bodies’ adaptation to varied climates and levels of UV exposure. Charles Darwin disagreed with this theory, but she explains, that’s because he did not have access to NASA. [14:48]